Cassandra’s Story

Cassandra’s Story

A few years ago, Matt Brunner (our resident church gorilla) was working at our church’s annual “Biker Booth” (the place where we give bikers, & others, the gospel, free cookies & lemonade, and they can stick a pin in our map to tell us where they are from)… Anyway, our theme that year was Creation vs. Evolution (with Stan & Kevan Myers) and we were handing out copies of Kent Hovind’s condensed DVD.  Well, “Cassandra” was given a DVD by “Matt the gorilla”. She took it home and began watching & studying the issue…

Then, in the summer of 2013, “Ed” and “Tom” (two men from our church) were working with Cassandra at the “Flintstones Campground” in Custer. They were talking with Cassandra about Dinosaurs, Creation, & Evolution… Cassandra mentioned to Ed & Tom that there was a “gorilla” that gave her a DVD a few years ago, and she really learned a lot about Creation… Ed told Cassandra, “I know that gorilla, he goes to my church…”  And so, in November of 2013, Cassandra came to church with Ed, and a few weeks later, Cassandra got saved!!!

Then, in 2014, Cassandra was volunteering down at the “Biker Booth”, helping others “stick a pin in the map”, and giving them the gospel… (sigh)… who says it ain’t fun being a Christian!!!!



“Matt the Gorilla”

Cassandra & Kent Cassandra & Kent2

In the Spring of 2016, Cassandra got to thank Kent Hovind, in person!